Accurate Engine Testing

Accurate Engine Testing

Not Just Fast - Easy & Inaccurate Code Reading

There are 40 or more parts that can fail and activate your check engine light or make your vehicle run poorly.
  • Ignition System...Plugs, Wires, Coils and Distributor Parts
  • Computer Sensors...Oxygen, Mass Air, TPS or others
  • Fuel & Emissions Parts...Valves, Solenoids and Injectors

Vehicle Runs Good = Check Engine Light Test...$49.95

If your vehicle runs good but the check engine light is on we will perform a limited test called a Data Stream Test. It involves interpreting the voltage readings and data stream of the computer and the sensors; along with the easy job of computer code reading.

Additional Testing...if the above tests indicate a gasoline vapor leak that is polluting the air, we must perform an EVAP pressure test to find the leaking line, hose or valve...additional test $39.95

RUNS POORLY or WON'T START...Engine Analysis $89.95

If your vehicle has a lack of power, stalling or won't start we perform an Engine Analysis and a Data Stream Test to find out if it is the ignition system computer, sensors, fuel system or emissions.

Additional Testing, if you have problems that are intermittent or random, or a wiring problem, we may need to perform one or more time consuming circuit or simulation tests...additional tests $49.95

There are 3 basic types of Engine Performance Problems

  1. Constant...this problem is always there and can be reproduced consistently. The complaints may be a lack of power or a rough idle.
  2. Intermittent...this problem occurs once in a while but you know the conditions under which it happens, such as stalling on a rainy day.
  3. Random...this problem occurs under all types of conditions and you never know when it will happen. It's time consuming to diagnose and requires an Engine Analysis and a Circuit or Simulation Test, or all three.

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